Welcome to Braehead Arena's promoter's information hub.


Here you will find venue specific information and resources to help you plan for your event.


Download Braehead Arena's Promoter's Guide.

Download Braehead Arena's Power and Comms Specification.

 Download Braehead Arena's Backstage Overlay . 

Download Braehead Arena's Production Travel, Parking and Access documents. These documents contain essential information to ensure a safe and on time arrival to Braehead Arena. Depending on when you are arriving there are two options available-

Arriving more than 24 hours before your event - Click here to download our Travel, Production Parking and Site Access document.

Arriving overnight on your event day - Click here to download our Travel and Site Access document.

Download information on our Overhead Rigging and Mothergrid Procedures


If you would like to find out more information on holding an event at Braehead Arena contact Scott Martin, Arena Manager.


Scott Martin
E: scott.martin@intu.co.uk
T: +44(0) 141 886 8300